These are some of the projects we have going:

Construction of Yang Family MemorialAll donations for the Tai Chi memorial construction project will be recorded and stored permanently on the grounds. Special recognition will be given to those who donate 100 Yuan (approximately $16) and greater.

  • 100 Yuan/$16: The donor’s name will be engraved, with other
    donor names, on a special building memorial stone
  • 1,000 Yuan/$160: Same as 100 Yuan, but this memorial stone
    will be in a highly visible area
  • 10,000 Yuan/$1,600: The donor’s name will be engraved on
    an individual memorial stone, along with a 200-word
  • 20,000 Yuan/$3,200: Same as 10,000 Yuan, but with a 500-word
  • 50,000 Yuan/$8,000: Same as 20,000 Yuan, but the memorial
    stone will be placed in a highly visible area

Those who make contributions of 1,000 Yuan or more will receive a certificate of appreciation and lifetime free admission to the memorial park. (We have a separate way to donate here for recognition purposes.)
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International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium 2014 – Louisville, KY

Scholarships for classes and seminars

Contributions to this website, Association website, Facebook, and Youtube pages



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